The clatter and chatter last week was all about critics vs moviegoers.. The critics said SUICIDE SQUAD was awful.. terrible! Abominable.. Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes weren’t better. Even some reports had moviegoers feeling frustrated with what was perceived as a 2 hour barrage of movie trailers within a movie.

All that doesn’t matter now as a major August movie maker just was revealed: SUICIDE SQUAD racked up dollars with $146 million for the weekend take!

DEADLINE previously reported that CinemaScore crowds under 35 gave Suicide Squad an A- (76%), while 46% females gave it an A-.  The pic also earned an A with the under 18 demo (28%).  Smith and Robbie fans both gave it the film an A-, each group turning up at 30% each..

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History redone?
Don’t forget an earlier movie this year, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, also had awful movie reviews.. but went on to have an exceptional box office take.

Whether SUICIDE SQUAD is a repeat or not will be seen next week.. Box offices will relatively stay the same in number, but the percentage drop from this week to next will be the most telling..


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