Crack open a garden gnome and watch the HTML as it flies through the Thursday air

What is important today is forgotten tomorrow.. So often that is the mantra of the modern age. It is my hope that the HORROR REPORT documents at least for the time we are here, the meaningful and meaningless, the weird and the murky, the spooky and the quirky. Today is no different. If it’s Thursday, it’s news thirsty Thursday.. And the news is this….

Tension yet again .. North Korea has fired a missile at a South Korean boat.. It seems like Lil Kim is constantly in a desperate series of actions to keep his name in the news and have the world fret about him. Sadly, he’s absolutely crazy and one of the people the world should indeed fret about..

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A broken garden gnome is a good garden gnome.. but what about when the gnome contains a secret? The broken garden gnome is the talk of the town of Lynnsville Tennessee.. The gnome smashed to pieces but inside was another statute .. Heather Andrews has acquired local fame and now, somehow, worldwide attention with her broken gnome.. some have hinted that they think there is a religious overtone to the statue hidden within the hideous gnome.. The woman even broke open more of her garden gnomes to see if any more Jesus-like figures were hidden within. While this may not be the next plot of an INDIANA JONES movie, it’s causing quite the headlines in the small town .

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The Vatican has been publicly commenting about baptizing aliens for years now–the Pope even did it recently in a ‘joking’ comment.. The man behind the original comment, Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno addressed Georgetown University in a commencement address where he specifically talked about his famed alien comments. He admitted aliens are not within our grasp–yet.  SETI agrees, as I wrote last night.. they think it will be about 20 years  before we realize aliens are among us.. or out there somewhere.
Getting closer..

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Christian website are proclaiming a bit of a victory in light of a new poll which seems to show that Americans would take a gay, drug addicted, cheating candidate for president over an atheist in 2016.. But forgive me Lord, but I don’t see the newsworthy nature of this poll.. After all, we had the follolwing the USA: James Buchanan, who was probably the nation’s first gay president.. John Kennedy, who reportedly was so high on meth one night that he pranced naked around the lobby .. Bill Clinton, who did not inhale. Obama, who admitted he did. And an endless trove of presidents who cheated and lied their way through scandals. All of them were Christians. Men of God.
Maybe an atheist would do us well for four to eight years.

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Sinkholes still stinking across the planet.. a new one just opened up in a Tennessee football stadium.. Part of the Northern end zone opened up as a small hole. As crews started the process to fill the hole, it just continued to get larger.. engineers have been brought out because plans to fill the hole have gone awry..

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San Francisco should get prepared, at least if you look at history and how it all ‘shakes’ out. New research seems to suggest that a greater period of earthquake activity is coming for the city.. read more here.

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Justin Bieber likes to have sex with beautiful women.. And he is the biggest jerk on earth.

Innate dies a gruesome death at Rikers Island cell.. he was mentally ill..

Hugh Jackman’s bare rear end causing controversy in India: They think it will cause men to get raped.. The unwritten aspect of this is that Jackman’s rear is appearing in the Bryan Singer X-MEN movie.. And that’s whole different story.

Most women who get double mastectomy don’t need it..

Angelina Jolie wants to be in politics but feels she won’t be taken seriously.

Supernova Study confirms how large stars are being killed off..

The Prince of Wales tries on Google Glass during a tour of Innovation Alley in Winnipeg Manitoba, on the fourth and last day of his trip to Canada
Prince of Wales tries Google Glass.

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