Conspiracy shmiracy.. Seriously, everyone needs to eat some fruit and calm themselves down

Maybe we can tone down these conspiracy theories? Someone who I consider to be very smart just emailed me what she said was a photograph of the dead Newtown Connecticut principal at the Boston Marathon before the bombing happened. The picture is a fraud, a well orchestrated fraud, and a lot of gullible people will no doubt believe this as of now circulates, as my intelligent friend did..

I understand the propensity to blame and label everything a false flag, I get it. We should question everything and research everything is well.. But it does it make sense to conclude that the Boston Marathon massacre is a false flag when a name of a suspect hasn’t even been announced?
And it is even more disgusting to get stupid emails like I got today of something completely fictitious..
We all need to just calm down a little bit, let the authorities do their work, and let them find who they feel is the suspect in this act of terror..
Oh and one last thing: I am fully aware that people watch a lot of crime stories on TV, and they may even DVR them for later viewing.. But just because you do that and just because you might be an expert on what happens on CSI, that does not mean that you can comb through photographs from the Boston Marathon online and find who you believe that the suspect..
I have noticed that there are a lot of people circling most likely completely innocent people in photographs and putting a little comments next to their faces saying “Could this be the bomber?”
Just call your britches out there everybody, if you want to scream about a false flag at least wait until authorities they may suspect…

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