Clyde glides! Ground Zero starts new relationship with Sun Broadcast Group

Clyde Lewis… the last best hope for late night long form talk radio–and growing in popularity all of the time.  He hosts a show called Ground Zero, live from Portland five nights a week.. podcasts for free the next day for Drive with Clyde..

Topics at hand: Conspiracy, UFOs.. paranormal, parapolitical.. anything that goes bump in the night and then some.

Clyde is prone to avid arguments with opinionated callers who test the waters… the show features countless moments of suspense and excitement. Those who listen report sleepless nights, night terrors, and groggy mornings after being kept awake by the topics discussed..

And now the growing show has formed a new bond with a company called Sun Broadcast Group. A video on YouTube has already been uploaded to herald the event:

The GROUND ZERO Facebook page announced it today:

Today, we start our new business relationship with the Sun Broadcast Group. They will be heavily marketing Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis across North America along with utilizing multiple media platforms. We will be better and bigger than ever!

Clyde Lewis promises the same show.. different phone number.. but no major changes in content.

But the biggest change if the goodbye from Premiere Radio Networks. George Noory will stick around there.. stuck in a time that has gone.



“We are so thrilled to partner with SUN BROADCAST GROUP,” said LEWIS. “This is such a great opportunity for our format to reach new audiences. We have something for everybody no matter what you believe in. We can’t wait to see what JASON BAILEY and his team can do with our show and bring it to the next level. The support and dedication we have received from SBG so far has been incredible.”

SBG VP/Programming and Affiliate Relations RICH O’BRIEN added, “GROUND ZERO is such a fantastic show with an extraordinary fanbase that it made perfect sense for us to add it to our 2019 lineup. We’ve known CLYDE for a while now and his engaging content, growing popularity, and non-conventional approach to news and entertainment was very appealing to us.”

The Sun Broadcast Group is an American radio network headquartered in Boca RatonFlorida and New York City. The network covers over 5,500 affiliates and serves around 140 million monthly listeners in both English and Spanish..

And as long as Clyde will be able to be Clyde, then all will be right with the world.

Lewis has been increasing his audience over the years and gaining popularity.. he is ahead of the news each night, speaking in depth about things that will make headlines in the future.

Since the death of Art Bell, fans of paranormal late night radio have tried finding a home.. People who found Ground Zero moved in..


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  1. Clyde is the man! His depth is tremendous and is matched by few. Such an interesting story teller and researching genius.

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