While many slept, they missed breaking news events of epic proportions. It felt like the scene of a BATMAN  movie, except no one is coming from Wayne Mansion to save the day..

A brief timeline of events as they have transpired so far:

  • Shortly after midnight East Coast time, a campus police office at MIT was shot killed.. Gunshots were reported on the campus and an alert was issued on the website .. the situation was called “active” and dangerous by officials
  • Shorter before 3am EDT, multipe explosions were reported to have been used against police at an incident in Watertown, Massachusetts. Speculation quickly connected the MIT police killing with the explosions in the town.. 
  • Around 4:30 AM, news broke that a suspect was on the loose in Watertown, and that the person matches the description of Suspect 2 in the Boston Marathon bombings (the one with the white ball cap).. 
  • At 5:30 AM, news broke that one suspect from Monday’s terror attack in Boston was dead after the night of violence in Massachusetts. The other, however, is on the loose. Police said he should be considered armed and dangerous.
  • Shortly before 6am, it was reported that the MBTA transit service has been shut down until further notice
  • Residents have been told to keep their doors locked and not to leave
  • The town of Watertown, MA, is being considered a ‘hot zone,’ according to NBC
  • MIT classes are canceled today..
This is a quickly developing story.. 
Police are beginning to ponder whether the suspect still alive is not own armed and dangerous, but potentially a walking bomb with an IED strapped to his person..

‘This is a lockdown like I haven’t seen in 30 years’ of reporting..
Martial law virtually declared. The American homefront becomes a warfront.. 

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