Norway is about to set a trend. If you haven’t heard, they are going to become the first nation in the world to officially dump FM–frequency modulation–radio. FM, around since the 1930s globally, has been a steadfast friend to people driving or radio fans for decades. It’s obvious to say: The popularity of FM has … Read moreWHAT'S YOUR FREQUENCY NORWAY?

Fortean TIMES website goes offline today

The website for the popular British publication FORTEAN TIMES is www.forteantimes.com. The HORROR REPORT has been reading this publication and a fan since we entered onto the Internet scene over 12 years ago. But now that website is in trouble.. According to information being posted on the FORTEAN TIMES Facebook page, owner of the site … Read moreFortean TIMES website goes offline today

Strange new twists in SONY HACK ATTACK

The group GUARDIANS OF PEACE, or GOP, has posted yet another message.. this time on GITHUB. They are calling on SONY to stop ‘immediately showing the movie which can break regional peace and cause the war.”  GOP is obviously referring to the Kim Jong Un North Korea spy spook THE INTERVIEW with Seth Rogan and … Read moreStrange new twists in SONY HACK ATTACK

All your bases are belong to us

TIME MAG REPORTS: How Facebook Knows What Television Show You’re Watching Right Now » Facebook wants to make it easier for users to share what they’re listening to or watching. The company today announced an update to its mobile app that will allow Facebook to automatically detect what song, movie or TV show a user … Read moreAll your bases are belong to us

The theory you are not real…

There has been a popular thought lately among folks with astute degrees and high intelligence: The theory that we are not real, that life is just a projection, that humans and the race we have lived and are living is just a big quantum experiment. Or as Nancy Evans Bush said on Coast to Coast … Read moreThe theory you are not real…

NoDaddy! Not even Danica Patrick could keep the site up

Around noon today EDT, this site along with countless others across the world suddenly went black.  While the HORROR REPORT may not have been the most important website that crashed, it was a casualty in one of the biggest online outages –ever.. the day that GoDaddy went down–not even Danica Patrick, with her racing car named desire, … Read moreNoDaddy! Not even Danica Patrick could keep the site up