Clyde Lewis gave attention to the video game SAD SATAN–and presumablly made it more popular than it was prior. Last night he gave the same type of attention to another game that has been around for some time: FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S.. The show was a must listen, not only if you are interested in … Read moreONE NIGHT ON GROUND ZERO

The Iran story you're not hearing about

Clyde Lewis typically focuses his radio show on the strange and unusual, with a twist. He’ll ignore the tempest in the teapot of daily news, while the rest of his competitors struggle with political implications. And that is often times what makes his show so special–it’s a tribute to creativity and entertainment, with food for … Read moreThe Iran story you're not hearing about

The literal party on the grave site of 9/11 victims

I listened with some amazement to Clyde Lewis Friday night.. he had a very interesting take on his GROUND ZERO radio program concerning the controversy of the 9/11 gift shop–I am sure you heard about it by now.. I also learned something new. There was something much more offensive that took place within the ‘hallowed’ … Read moreThe literal party on the grave site of 9/11 victims

Of massacres and mom jeans

I listened to Clyde Lewis last night.. He titled his show “Foreign Horrorspondence” and focused on the newest world crisis in Crimea, Ukraine, and Russia. As usual, it wasn’t the typical approach you’d find from other sources.. Lewis detailed some old Nostradamus quatrains about the ‘ring of steel’ and the new world war coming after the … Read moreOf massacres and mom jeans

CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT fires shot at Coast to Coast AM

Despite its name, John B. Wells’ CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT SHOW doesn’t compete with Coast to Coast AM, the show that formerly featured Wells as a weekend host. But that is not stopping advertising taking pot shots ‘out the back door,’ as Wells may say, at George Noory’s nightly program. The latest Facebook ad asking for … Read moreCARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT fires shot at Coast to Coast AM