Amazing cave art from 36,000 years ago ..

Scientists claim that free will is an illusion..

ISIS executes the Iraqi judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death..

ISIS moving on to Baghdad..
<br Jidhadists now using American humvees in Syria..

Iraq loses control of Syrian and Jordanian borders..

John Kerry presses Malaki..
High stakes mission..

Another ‘strange sounds’ story.. this time from a local news station in Kentucky..


Satellites reveal that Earth’s magnetic field may be getting weaker .. and as that continues to happen, each solar flare would have more of an impact. Ed Dames, are you in your bunker yet?

Ten things to know about lucid dreaming.. *I had my first lucid dream the other night, after weeks of meditation before bed.. I was taking a walk with my son, and we stole a baseball bat. I was worried about being captured, but during the dream told myself it was a dream and I can control it now.. I woke up soon after ..

There is a reason people say never to mess ith a Quiji board.. And now video that may prove it.. Believe it or not, a video portends to show signs of a woman being possessed after playing with the board.. Alexandra Huerta, 22, was playing with the ‘other world’ when she was by her brother Sergio, 23, and 18-year-old cousin Fernando Cuevas.. Then came the ‘growling’ and hallucinations.. They were taken the hospital soon after..

Americans get a draw in Brazil..

What company rules your state?


What looks to be a pretty amazing movie is going to be released into theaters on July 2.. the film is called DELIVER US FROM EVIL and is based on a book by a policeman-demonologist.. The New York TIMES details the story of how the book became the movie–and why it may do exceptionally well at box offices..

Thanks to Bill Gates, genetically modified bananas are on the way..

EBOLA nightmare continues, and it’s getting mucy worse.. Experts fear a number of unreported cases in Africa.. the situation is dire as this is the most deadly in West Africa’s history..

Teenager builds program to show where politians get their money from..

Schools replacing he and she was ‘ze’..

The fire department in the southern German university city of Tuebingen extracted a 20-year old American exchange student after he got trapped inside a giant vagina sculpture…

REVERSE MOTION: PA Attorney General issues report that says Sandusky investigation was reasonable..

Drought: California may need a water bond..

A dangerously low water supply for the state..

Mystery object in lake on Saturn’s moon Titan intrigues scientists.. Get this: Nasa’s Cassini probe took image last year as it passed by planet’s largest moon – nothing seen when other images taken! It’s an interesting thing.. a mystery island appears–and then vanishes..

Arizona man arrested for trying to shoot the moon with his hand gun..

Tom Cruise may make cameo in STAR WARS?


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