Calamity! Horror! Fright! Palm Sunday Socials Down! Facebook and Instragam inoperable!

Social media addicts waking from their slumber Palm Sunday morning were greeted with an awful sight: Their Facebook news feed was down..

WhatsApp was too..

Even the refuge of Instgram was no where to be found–people were forced to go go Twitter to find out what other social media accounts were forced down by a worldwide outage that seemingly affected a number of countries..

NorthAmerica..SoutAmerica.. Even Europe!

According to traffic-monitoring website DownDetector, the outage was first noticed at 6:28 a.m. EDT. Users started heading to other social media platforms to report issues accessing the services moments later.

There was no immediate word on the cause of the outage from Facebook, which owns all three services.

PALM SUNDAY prayers may go towards relieving social medialites of their sudden battle with system failure.. Perhaps relief will come soon–maybe the systems will be operational. Until then, frantic users are pondering how to communicate with other people.. where photos of their food should be posted, and how their photo of them sipping a stimulating tea will be filtered properly without Instagram tools…

Systems will come back.
We will survive..

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