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How Facebook Knows What Television Show You’re Watching Right Now »

Facebook wants to make it easier for users to share what they’re listening to or watching. The company today announced an update to its mobile app that will allow Facebook to automatically detect what song, movie or TV show a user is listening to or watching.

A little creepy..

Facebook also will allow you to instantly post–or post for you –the song you are listening to right or the television show..

And as creepy and privacy-invasive as this is, expect it to be utilized with great ferocity by Facebook users..
It’s either the beginning of big time invasion of privacy or it’s just another example of how much we share, and in this case overshare.

But don’t kid yourself.. it’s not new technology.. Facebook listening to you in 2014 is nothing inventive.  Way back last decade in 2006, Google made some headlines because it was finalizing its plans to listen to you through your computer.

Also let’s not forget how often the power to hear you through your device has been abused. In 2010, school children in Philadelphia were being watched through their school issued laptops by officials. You know.. for ‘inappropriate behavior.  Also in 2012, then CIA chief (before the sex scandal) David Petraus said that the government will listen to us, the citizenry, through our dishwashers. 

So there you have it.. the slippery slope was already traveled .. not Facebook is simply filling the potholes, making it become ‘trendy’ and using Beyonce’s music as a selling point to sell your information to the world. At a very low cost. You’ll do it for free..

Welcome to the cloud. The very overshared and eavesdropped cloud..


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