A new horror film in which religion is the villian

Conservative media is slamming NPR for ‘promoting’ a new horror film.. but the politics aside, the concept of THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ROSALIND LEIGH sounds interesting..

The director is an atheist, and doesn’t have much kindness for Catholic theology. Rodrigo Gudino says in his film, as the main character confronts childhood fears, he has nothing else to do but leave Catholicism and look to science and reason for answers.

The movie was made in 2012. It’s still unknown, mostly.. It’s Facebook page boasts only a little over 1,000 likes at this time.. but some reviews, including this one from HORROR HOME NETWORK, have praised the film for being new, creative, and fresh, although other reviews seem to lament that it’s not bloody, crude, and violent.

What some reviews seem naive to is what Gudino is stating about religion in THE LAST WILL film.. Clearly, as seen in his interview with NPR, is focusing this film on Catholic guilt. RUE MORGUE magazine didn’t have much religion in it when Gudino was an editor–but his movie sure seems to be overridden with a social message…

Enough to make you want to see it, or turn away?

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