FBI Evidence Photo Shows Boston Bomb Suspect Standing Near Child Later Killed In Marathon Blast

A moment in time captured. The evil lurking behind the young innocent Martin Richard.. the eight year old would die moments later in a pointless act of terror at the Boston Marathon. 
This picture is chilling. But after the initial shock and sickness you feel, you should feel anger. I did. I felt so angry seeing this.. thinking that this vile creature placed the bomb next to this innocent young man, standing and watching a race, and looking forward to a life of happiness. It was taken away from him for a cause.. The cause yet unknown. But we can figure out it, I think can’t we? It’s one of those causes that many have had over time.. causes that do nothing but injure and kill innocence while robbing humankind of beauty and goodness.. 

This is a photo that will haunt me for the rest of my life…
If you pray, pray. If you don’t, think about doing it..

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