Stephen Bassett: The man who is exposing .. or making a name..?

“Twilight zone weather” across the United States.. Freakish April cold (and lots of heavy snow in places) across the nation.. Iowa…Heavy storms with hail and gusty winds today. 1-4 inches of wet snow Wed Night. ..

It’s not just at the Philadelphia house of horrors.. a video released by the anti-abortion group LIVE ACTION finds another abortion clinic staffer saying they’ve allowed babies to die after failed abortions.. admits they’d leave a baby to struggle for life after failing to abort.. Another video that the group released was from the Bronx, in which a staffer explained how a baby surviving abortion would be placed into a jar of toxic ‘solution’ to ensure death.. The mistake that is being made is for this issue to be about abortion. This clearly is not abortion, this is beyond it.. there are federal rules in place that protect a baby once it is born–and this issue is about murder as opposed to legal abortion. But don’t expect both sides of the issue to treat it like that..

Making the jump: Four-year-old child of bird-flu infected man also develops H7N9 virus.. Still, Shandong Province’s health department claims ‘no evidence’ of human-to-human transmission. Captain Trips does not exist..

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