Israel begins air strikes over the weekend in Syria.. one sends a fireball into the sky.. The United States was reportedly not notified before the bombing began .. Iran and Syria are responding.. the war drum is beginning.
The DAILY BEAST is reporting on secret meetings that took place over the past year.. according to the report, Israel laid out to the US what would trigger a strike in Syria.. Interesting now that the ‘red line’ was crossed but the USA claims it did not know that Israel was going to launch..
But it’s not over yet. Perhaps just beginning .. was this the opening shot in world war 3? A report now indicates that Syria is aiming missiles at Israel for a potential response..

Meanwhile in real news

Bring us your tired and poor.. but don’t bury your criminals.. Tsarnaev uncle arrives in Massachusetts and the mission of the accused dead terrorist’s family is to now find a place to bury Tamerlan .. One funeral director commented: “We have to bury this guy. Whatever it is, whoever he is, in this country, we bury people. I don’t care who it is. That’s what I do.” Is it?

For whoever will be in the midst of the cicada deluge, this should be quite an amazing time.. unfortunate time if you’re a crop or sensitive to hearing. Cicadas are on the rise from their 17-year-slumber in the ground.. One expert told NBC news that “shovel loads” of cicadas are coming..

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