MONDAY MAY 20 2013

Massive tornadoes strikes the Midwest..

More missiles being launched in North Korea.. Two more short range missile launches make it now six in three days..

There’s a rumblr on Tumblr..the new billion dollar man is coming to us from the tech world. Yahoo! is shelling out over $1 bil for the blogging service Tumblr. Some users are concerned.. After all, it seems anything corporate Yahoo! gets its hands on fails or gets forgotten.. Also interesting, David Karp, the founder of Tumblr who dropped out of high school and made the blog service in his mom’s New York City apartment, said he wouldn’t sell as recent as a month ago. But money talked. Apparently talked very loud.. Get out while the gettin’s good, perhaps? Either way, Karp is about to become the tycoon of the age. The first of only a few since last century. Oh, and by the way, it was last century that Yahoo! bought another blogging service: Geocities. That failed too. And about two years ago, Yahoo! completely deleted all Geocities sites from its archives and database… leaving users to frantically try to save years of infancy of the internet. So if Tumblr users think Yahoo! will care? Doubt that one.. The Bieber booed at Billboard: “I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously, and all this other bullshit should not be spoken of”

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