Tuesday morning radar.. Some of the news I am reading today, and information you should too

So much heartache.. so much disaster. The latest is in Oklahoma, as you may have been seeing if you followed Earth Informer yesterday and other sources as well. The latest reports lament 91 dead so far–so many were children from elementary schools that were flattened by this tornado. Winds were 200 miles or more. The spread was over a mile.. And it was one of the biggest tornadoes in history.. The massive path of destruction is now evident..
A desperate search for survivors ongoing.. But time is running out fast.

When comedy is too quick. Ever hear the comment ‘too soon’ after someone tells a joke? Comedian Lizz Winstead tweeted something yesterday after the tornado saying ‘This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives’.. this was before the bodies of dead children were taken from the elementary school.. this was before the death toll rose to at least 91.. She was forced to Tweet an apology three hours later..

An update: NASA announced that the brightest lunar explosion ever recorded just happened.. Well.. “just” as in March of this year.. They only announced it now. A meteor hit the moon in March and ignited an explosion so large it was able to be seen from the planet Earth. Some experts were saying, way back in the late winter, that the moon sure looked funny. Only now do we have ‘official’ confirmation as to why..

Up in the sky.. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are lining up for a beautiful sunset sky show during the last 10 days of May, peaking this Monday on Memorial Day..

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