Insult to injury this morning: Moore OK getting hit by heavy storms this morning. Heavy rains, hail and gusty winds…

Another story from the scene of the devestating Oklahoma tornado concerns the Bible.. according to storm chaser named Brandon Heiden, a bible was found intact and it was opened to Isaiah 32 –A man will be as a hiding place from the wind, and a cover from the tempest.. I don’t know how much ‘faith’ I put in this story–and theoretically the Bible would also have been opened to Isiah 30, 31, and 33.. right?

If you still think that earth changes will not happen to you, think of this statistic released by an IDMC study: Natural disasters displaced 32.4 million people in 2012..
Is this a game changer or just a change of the game of drones? The United States has admitted what many have already known: Drone attacks have killed United States citizens overseas.. Now it’s official. This is the first time the Obama Administration has taken responsibility for the deaths that occurred in 2009 — and there is very little mention of any non-American civilians killed by the same game of drones that the US has waged in several nations..
More on the Department of Justice ‘investigation’ into FOX NEWS reporters: The DOJ also seized the records of Rosen’s PARENTS!
Only days after the Pope was involved with a possible exorcism in the middle of St. Peter’s Square, he now says that atheists can be good people

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