A tool called ThinThread, a US spy device, has reportedly been tested on the public of New Zealand.. A spy expert told the NEW ZEALAND HERALD this information.. the Prime Minister and other officials that could potentially be involved with this issue have not made public comment and refuse to speak to the HERALD about the allegations.. John McCain uses Memorial Day to make surprise visit to Syria to meet with ‘rebels’.. *Rebels previously called Al Qiada..?

The FBI investigated LOUIE LOUIE lyrics for two years in the 1960s.. and it all started because of a Floria teenager’s letter to Robert Kennedy stating that the lyrics were obscene.. The teacher got the lyrics wrong. The FBI never questioned the maker of the song to see what the actual words of the song were. So how much money did the FBI super snoopers spend on investigating this one way back in 1964?

Video from May 26, 2013: Are these UFOs, swamp gas, or lanterns over downtown Los Angeles? (It’s amazing, with pollution in down town LA being what it is, anything can be seen in the sky)

How to avoid genetically modified foods.. (This is mostly common sense but ceratinly worth the reinforcement)

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