I went back to my predictions for both 2015 and 2016..
From the 15 set, something interesting was written,

The campaign for the White House 2016 will become very annoying. Straw polls, debates.. early PR disasters. Jeb Bush . Hillary Clinton .. we will be dreading 2016. Maybe though a dark horse will emerge and, even more importantly, perhaps third party candidates will start becoming more acceptable to Americans

And from the 2016 set:

  1. Donald Trump will be the nominee for Republicans. He will choose Marco Rubio. Hillary will be for the Dems.. her choice as a running mate: Charlie Crist

I was right about 15.. a dark horse emerged. And I was right that Trump would be the nominee……but the VP choices were WAY off..  After all, Trump had bigger hands than little Marco and Crist ..well…would have been a better choice for Hill than Kaine.

How else did I do with my 2016 predictions?
Some below with commentary after.

  1. Donald Trump will be the nominee for Republicans. He will choose Marco Rubio. Hillary will be for the Dems.. her choice as a running mate: Charlie Crist. Already addressed that one.
  2. Terrorism will be the top story by the end of 2016. As will the fear it generates. It is. The latest truck attack in Germany solidified that.. The listing of churches that could be attacked in Christmas in America equally spread fear.
  3. There will be a medical development with cancer that will give hope to millions who are afflicted. While not receiving much reporting, this is interesting..
  4. There will be a bigger emphasis on open-source artificial intelligence. It will be ‘power to the people,’ with the dawn of the drones. Get ready. They are coming.  Nothing at all incorrect about this prediction. 
  5. GMO-free food will gain in popularity. But there will be increasingly and creative ways to mask GMO from consumers. It’s the year you’ll be deceived even more by fancy packages. Be smart and buy after research.  Very very true.. This is happening more and more by the year. I think it will continue as well–for the better of all society. At least those who research ..
  6. There will be less tech addiction in 2016. People have had enough. Phone free Sundays may turn into phone free weeks. People may give up on Facebook, except for the emergency chats.. I think I was overall wrong on this. But I think by the end of the year I ended up being slightly right. After all, we get TIRED and SICK of constant election news. It turned us from being on Facebook.. we took some time off. 
  7. Health–real health–will be en vogue in 2016. Not fad diets or fraud get thin quick schemes. But real long term health. This is the beginning of a new age of fitting in jeans and having a healthy heart. ….not ready to claim victory on this, Though we are finding better sources of food we are certainly not showing a loss of weight. The jury is still out on this.
  8. The Olympics will not be without incident. Massive rains–flooding rains actually–may hit just in time in Brazil.  Not sure how I got this one on the head, but my long term weather guidance in December 2015 just must have been accurate. The RIO Olympics were soggy.
  9. The economy that will matter in 2016: India. China will matter a lot less. …I guess this was mostly wrong?
  10. It will be hot. All year.. some of the hottest weather on the planet earth in centuries is on the way.  YES! It was .. bigly. Expect more in 2017.

And now with all of that behind us, let’s focus on the year to come.

My top ten predictions for 2017..

  1. Donald Trump is going to have a much more difficult time than expected. At least initially.  He will be besieged by protests and also by people within his own party. By the middle of the year, he will realize that by going directly to people above party leaders can motivate the electorate to accept some if his policies. I expect rallies by the end of the year to be a normal course of White House business.
  2. The stock market will hit 20,000 and stay within that range. By August we will be speculating when the market will hit 25,000.
  3. Vladimir Putin will either visit the United States or Donald Trump will visit Russia. Either way a more united front will emerge.
  4. The weather in 2017 will be hot. As hot as 2016.. there may be slick spots of winter that emerge from time to time sporadically throughout the world, but the majority of the months to come will feature hotter than normal temperatures.
  5. The British Royal family will have to decide how to move forward after a tragic scenario.. there may be a new queen before 2018.
  6. Stephen Colbert may be facing cancellation in 2017. There is going to be a dramatic realignment of late night TV. People are tired of an obsessive amount of politics during the daytime hours. The nighttime should be sacred for comedy. People may turn on political version of such by rebelling against the Colbert program on CBS.
  7. BREXIT. Trump. I think France and Germany will have upheaval in 2017. The world is shaking like a post-earthquake atmosphere from the changes in 2016. Transitions something are sloppy. And we have somehow transitioned into something very different than we were in 16..
  8. Major hacking will reveal something in 2017. Either from Wikileaks, or a source not yet to be named. Secrets will become revealed in 2017 to make us question what type of reality we live in.
  9. Though everyone seems to predict it, Donald Trump will be aggressive in NOT declaring war or bombing other nations. (This is a prediction, but also a prayer)
  10. Virtual reality! All the rage in 2016! …..but just wait. I predict the opposite for 2017.