20 years from now disclosure may be old news

The Pope is talking about baptizing aliens..
NASA is releasing books about alien rock art..
Bill Clinton is on Jimmy Kimmel freely talking about Area 51..
Yes indeed. Disclosure seems to be coming..

And today, things get even closer to full revelation. A SETI senior astronomer, Seth Shostak, stated that we may find alien life within the next 20 years.. Even more, some of that life very well come from our own solar system..

Sure, some of the life may be just minuscule and binary.. it could be little microscopic mutants living in mud on some distant world.. But it could also be intelligent life–other life forms looking for another planet to talk to.. within our grip, and theirs, too.

Perhaps the most interesting way of looking at the search was presented by SETI’s Dan Werthimer in his testimony to the House Science and Technology Committee in the nation’s capitol: I LOVE LUCY and the ED SULLIVAN SHOW has already interacted with 10,000 stars..

The nearby stars have seen ‘The Simpsons.’ If we’re broadcasting, maybe other civilizations are sending signals in our direction — either leaking signals the way that we unintentionally send off signals, or maybe a deliberate signal

It is somewhat amazing and humbling to entertain the notion that other beings from somewhere out there are watching our pop culture. It would certainly not be in real time, but would probably be a good time.

It would also be interesting to ponder this: While we search for intelligent life, did life out there catch a glimpse of our more modern television and turn away? Perhaps they gave up on us after seeing HONEY BOO BOO..?

Time will tell.
The truth is out there. Or will be in about 20 years.

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