Who is afraid of a potentially life ending asteroid on Halloween!?
Not us earthlings!

Costumes will still be donned.. makeup still applied. Scantily clad outfits at Saturday night Halloween parties still being stuck on..

Even though this was just discovered: An enormous asteroid will whiz past earth..


2009 FD will approach within 6,194,000 km of Earth, about 16.3 times further away than the Moon. The asteroid was discovered in February 2009, a month before its closest recorded approach to Earth on March 27, 2009, at a distance of 624,100 km. 2015 TB145 will pass about 500,000 km from Earth, just beyond the lunar orbit.

2009 FD has been tracked by several instruments since its discovery. It was first estimated to be 130 meters in size by NASA’s Near Earth Program. A better estimate for its size came from NASA’s NEOWISE, which gave a value of 470 meters, although this is considered anupper limit.

2015 TB145 was discovered just over a week ago by the Pan-STARRS I telescope in Hawaii, and it has an estimated size of 320 meters. The passing of 2015 TB145 will be the closest approach by something this large until asteroid August 2027, when 1999 AN10 will pass within one lunar distance (380,000 km). NASA has given these objects a value of 1 on the Torino Scale, which is the value assigned to non-dangerous asteroids.

Business as usual.
Gather ye candies while ye may..

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