A victim of the first explosion is helped on the sidewalk of Boylston Street.

The latest from the Boston Marathon Massacre

There was lots of misreporting by big news organizations earlier today.. the HORROR REPORT linked to several articles that turned out to be incorrect (for now), including stories over 12 people being dead and a Saudi national being a suspect.. Right now, the Saudi national is a ‘person of interest’..

The latest from the city of Boston, which is unusually quiet this night of Patriot Day

Perhaps the most troubling thing tonight is that there is no claim of responsibility, there is no suspect, and there are no answers. The night of 9/11, when Bush addressed the nation, for better  or worse we had a shared cause and a new found enemy of the state–twelve years of war and missteps we question more now than we did then.. but the cause was just that night when George W. Bush gave his prime time address from the Oval Office.. this time, we have no clue as to who will be blamed…
Will the Saudi national become a suspect?
Will it be a domestic group?
Will it be an international group?
Is this the beginning of a new age of soft targets being targeted? Are we entering an age of low-grade terror with big implications? 

There are more questions than answers tonight.. 
With time, we will heal. With time, more will be known.. And with time, we’ll have an idea as to what today will mean to the nation’s future.
But until then, doctors will frantically treat traumatic injuries and funerals will take place for children way too young to leave this earth in a act of terrorism.. 

This world is so often a seemingly endless mass of poisonous psychopaths. Welcome to the planet Earth.

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