What if IT 2 just wasn’t that good?

That long wait since you saw the loser’s club tackle Pennywise the dancing clown has finally come to an end: This weekend in theaters near and far from you, IT will rebound to become a huge film opening–some contend that by the time Sunday nightfall arrives, it will have begun the biggest horror opening ever. Jury will be out on the money contribution  to HOLLYWOOD society and WARNER BROS that this film gives, but reviews are a-plenty…

Spoilage is minimal from the HORROR REPORT by design.. we don’t like spoiling in detail .. you can see it for yourself.

We just like making vague commentary on films for your temporary enjoyment.. After all the amount of time you’re spending on this website may be seconds.. You actually may not have even arrived at this sentence before clicking off and going to some other temporal fix..

Nonetheless, a few points about IT.. ENDS..

The CGI! Annoying..

So we know the kids big and tall — case in point is Finn Wolfhard who looked to be about 7 feet 5 in the final few episodes of STRANGER THINGS season 3.. But to CGI his face to make him look young was exceptionally sloppy for the big screen. It was surprisingly noticeable for a big budget film that was able to make fortune cookies come alive, and a severed head get spider legs.. The distraction this CGI caused was not film-ending but certainly annoying.

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Another little peeve is a long movie . . in general. It may be one of the reasons that we thought AVENGERS END GAME should have ended an hourly earlier.

In the case of IT, the nearly three hour run time seemed to detrimental to some level of enjoyment — maybe going to the opening night near midnight was a mistake in this regard leading to a sleepless night and tired morning..

But what some may find the most troubling is how little we even learn about the adult version of kids despite the amount of time they were in scenes..  LONG and longer scenes..

All of that said, the movie was redeemed by some frightening and creative scenes involving Pennywise. Although some reviews stated they showed Bill Skarsgård as the clown too often, we think that was fine this time. WE got to know him well enough in the previous film to be able to at least see him more in this one.

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And finally, for once, the best part of a horror flick was not jump scares… not graphics.. not CGI… but instead sticking mostly to the Stephen King storyline and being treated to amazing acting from the players in the film.. While the ‘flow’ of their characters didn’t quite merge together very well for much of the movie’s SLOWEST longest scenes, it was great to be able to enjoy the skills of Bill Hader delivering a pitch perfect role as unfunny comedian, Jessica Chastain as a abused woman fighting back to stop being a victim, and even a nervous Eddie played by James Ransome in such a way that he made me nervous about germs!

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IT 1 was great, almost a masterpiece of horror..
IT 2 ended. Perhaps rightly so..

The movie’s finale and conclusion gave a little ‘life me up’ to the losers’ clubs around the planet… The film will makes serious cash. And we will now enter the season of the witch clown…

But it just still was not as as the first film. Good. But just not quite as enjoyable as the original.

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