WELCOME to the future of music: Billie Ellish, the first star of the 21st century!

You may have heard her name.. you may have heard her music. But the pop culture world is embracing the 17-year-old star quickly.. Her fame is rising to epic levels with more global attention on her actions, mannerisms, and her music..

Roger Freidman wrote this days ago,

Billie Eilish– does she have a high school degree? Well, at 17, she’s learned the truth. Her debut album has debuted at number 1 on the charts this week.

“When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” sold 307,000 copies this week, the second highest first week sales of 2019 after Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next.” More than half of Eilish’s sales were CDs and downloads, too.  If you’ve got a tween in the house, you’ve probably heard Eilish’s little girl voice bleeding out a kid’s earbuds.

Roger Friedman

A turning point is music.. why? She is the first person born after the year 2000 to have a number 1 hit.

WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO has 11 tracks with names like “xanny”, “8”, and “bury a friend”. It’s unclear if any of the songs are collaborations but fans will recongnise “you should see me in a crown” and “when the party’s over”, both released in 2018.

1. !!!!!!!
2. bad guy
3. xanny
4. you should see me in a crown
5. all the good girls go to hell
6. wish you were gay
7. when the party’s over
8. 8
9. my strange addiction
10. bury a friend
11. ilomilo
12. listen before i go
13. i love you
14. goodbye

Last year, before the number one and worldwide fame, she revealed at the age of 16 that she has Tourette Syndrome..

On Tuesday (Nov. 27), Billie Eilishconfirmed that she has Tourette Syndrome and that she was diagnosed with the disorder when she was a child.

The 16-year-old singer took to Instagram to set the record straight after compilation videos of her tics began to surface online. Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes a person to have involuntary physical or verbal tics. In Eilish’s case, she exhibits physical tics, not verbal.

And now news of her 40-minutes-late appearance at Coachella 2019 has made the Drudge Report and been circulated widely on the Twitterverse..

Welcome to the future of music. Born after 00… a first of the century..

Reporting from USA TODAY sums it up best:

Not many 17-year-old singers can have grown men go from moshing to belting slow ballads in a crowd of thousands. Billie Eilish can.

Her performance had its flaws: at times she ran out of breath, she forgot the lyrics and she tripped on stage.

Despite her international claim, she displayed a raw youthfulness — something her fans appreciated. They didn’t come to see perfection. They didn’t wait 40 minutes to see a polished Billie.

They came for the girl who stopped her set and asked, “Can I have some water please? I got asthma.”

They came for the one who stopped her set to ask the crowd to open a mosh pit.

After starting her Coachella set almost 40 minutes late, causing hundreds of upset fans to leave, Eilish emerged from the center of the stage wearing baggy shorts and a sweatshirt to a sea of roaring fans. Despite the delay, the crowd was one of the largest in recent memory at the festival’s Outdoor Theatre. 

One guy standing and waiting knew it was worth the wait. 

“It’s Billie,” he said, “She’s too cool for school.”

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