Viral video appears to issue cryptic threats

Viral video appears to issue cryptic threats

This story appearing in UK press is getting high play across the globe after a link from the Drudge Report..

Some are slowing the video down.. Others see it at a bizarre and creepy death threat to the President.. Even more, there appears to be images of a woman being tortured when you decipher it more.

There are many more hidden objects and messages people are deciphering from the video..

The viral video has been making rounds on social networks for days. Now worldwide attention is being given to the strange series of images and messages contained within..


One Reddit user wrote: “I don’t think its a promo, like I did at first.
"In the spectrogram there are clearly images of women being tortured.
"At best its some weird hacker shit or a terrible decision by some PR company.
"At worst, its a terrorist threat or the work of some killer.”

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