This was the mathish problem I asked last night on my personal Facebook page.. the answers I received were humorous.. But it showcased that the underbelly of humanity yesterday was excited by the prospect that we found water on Mars–water that is flowing. 

The choice answers included ice cream, ‘humans,’ aliens, and my favorite, ‘how we got here.’ 

How we got here..
That has been the long thought inside my own head..

It’s unbelievable to think of how much changed since my grade school years formed my view of the universe–a view challenged by time and discovery. At that time, Mars was barren and desolate. It was only after hearing Richard C. Hoagland tell Art Bell during the 1990s version of Coast to Coast AM that water flowed on Mars that I actually started to contemplate the idea of liquid on the red planet. . 

Perhaps that is also why the announcement yesterday wasn’t too surprising to me. 
Water on Mars.
The tin foil hat club has known this for years..

I have a few people I chalk up as friends who take the Bible very literally. I have some spirited discussions with them about my viewpoint on that. But for them, the Bible is gold. It’s the word of God and it’s historical in nature.. So playing the devil in the devil’s advocate setup, I often ask them if they would find it reasonable to conclude that Noah’s Ark was a spaceship and the flood actually happened on Mars, the spaceship traveled to earth to escape. LAUGHABLE, they tell me–of course I remind them that their position also could incur as many chuckles as another. 

I think now that water has been found, I’m going to tell them it backs up my premise of the NOAH spaceship idea.. Water on Mars. The leftovers of the great flood that ended Mars-humanity.

Of course.. I’m being tongue in cheek.
or am I..?


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