Johnathan Cruz, referred to his alleged 4-day killing spree in Indianapolis as a ‘purge’ and makes reference to the popular movie,Independent reports…



On May 12, both Billy Boyd and Jay Higgenbotham were found dead in the street – one with a gunshot wound to the head and another with multiple gunshot wounds, according to police.

Three days later, the body of Jose Alberto Ruiz was found in his car with a gunshot wound to the neck.

Within the same time frame, other seemingly random crimes were occurring in the area, including a robbery, intimidation and criminal gang enhancement.

Police believe there may have been a gang connection..

According to additional information about Cruz, he was keeping his mother updated about the violence with live updates!

Court documents allege that he had no remorse for his murders. In the documents, he is quoted telling a girl he held at gunpoint, “Another body wouldn’t mean anything.” He even videoed some of his alleged crime spree on his phone, including one where he shoots a gun out of a car vehicle. He did not kill the girl, only targeting men.

“Better go on Face book and watch da Videos of me shootin people,” Cruz wrote in a text to his girlfriend. “I Purge every night now.”

According to court documents, Cruz’s mother texted him asking what he was doing, and he sent back a screenshot of an article about the murders. He then allegedly said he would get a new phone so authorities wouldn’t see what he just sent.

The killings were called a ‘Purge’ but the only real connection thus far being made is by officials, who say that he was inspired by the film — but how? Inspired because of using the word Purge? Inspired to do similar crimes? ..

More on that will undoubtedly be released.

But it also gives the media good fodder to attack the horror genre..

METRO gives examples of how other movies inspired real life killings, such as CHILD’S PLAY 3 and AMERICAN PSYCHO, and even gives a  worthwhile notation to the song HELTER SKELTER by the Beatles..



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