TOY STORY 4 dominates before the 4th

Toy Story 4” is heading for a repeat victory at the North American box office with about $53 million in its second weekend, early estimates showed Friday.

Annabelle Comes Home” and “Yesterday” are in a fight for second place with about $15 million each. Horror and Mandela Effects… Toys supreme..

Contemplate this for a moment: It has been 24 years since the original TOY STORY was released. It created a generation of kids and adults who have the toys.. and who are now going back to theaters to see PIXAR’s 4th installment..

But what is wrong with TOY STORY 4?


At least according to this GAMESPOT Article..

Maybe, if there’s a Toy Story 5 on the horizon, Woody will walk this decision back. He’ll go back to Bonnie or another human, and he’ll realize that he can’t find true fulfillment with a fellow toy, because, after all, they’re toys–not people. But if this is truly the final film, then the story ends in a simpler, safer, less complex place than it originally began. It’s only a tale of toys that magically come to life, and it doesn’t mean anything more than that, which is a shame.


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