Tom DeLonge says that Americans aren’t ready for the truth on aliens

During an appearance on The Kevin & Bean Show, classic Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge talked about aliens, explaining why the government is keeping the truth away from the people.


How did you get involved with the US government, how did you get anyone to take your call?

“You just call up and say you’re a general and they’ll talk to you. [Laughs]”

They hear from a lot of citizens who have questions, but usually, they just don’t talk to them. Somehow you were able to not only get people on the phone but get people on the record and start really getting stuff out to the public that has never been available. Is that due to your sheer tenacity?

“It really kind of was. At the very beginning of it, I was playing a lot of very important people off of each other. It was really kinda funny, I was just making this up, like, ‘Hey, I’m talking to someone,’ and then I go to that guy and go, ‘hey, I’m talking to someone.'”

And you weren’t talking to anybody?

“I kinda was, but it was more handshakes and hellos. [Laughs] Basically, really what happened was: I didn’t take no for an answer, like, you can’t go into the topic of UFOs, knock on doors and think they’re gonna read anything they tell you – it’s national security.

“I spent 20-some years studying this, so I knew what was going on, and I had a couple of different angles that you will never see on the internet you will never see people talk about it on the UFO-logy kind of websites.

“So I went in saying, ‘Look, this is what’s going on and I understand it, I understand the national security implications of it, but I have something I can do for you and this is my plan of how to communicate to the young people and start bringing this out for the first time.'”

I assume you can’t tell us who the biggest official is you talked to in the early days?

“I went through some Department of Defense officials, and then I went through NASA, and I eventually got connected to the general who holds the keys to all this stuff.

“It was hard to get to him, I had to really, really plead my case to why this is good for the country, good for young people, good for the world, and how I can help, and then they finally said, ‘Okay, we’re gonna introduce you to somebody,’ and that happened.

“That conversation was lifechanging.”

Even with the science involved, you’re not dealing this from a fantasy perspective, you’re dealing with it from the facts perspective, yet still, people hear ‘Tom DeLonge and UFO,’ or anybody and UFO, and they think of tin-foil hats. Why?

“Because what happened was when we found out what was going on after World War II, or kind of during World War II, it scared the hell out of everybody involved.

“And so what they did was they said, ‘We got to figure out what this topic is and we need to do it in crazy secrecy because this is really advanced stuff.'”

I’m just going to say at this point right here, everybody goes, ‘Tom’s crazy.’

“What they did was, the government slipped operatives over decades into these UFO groups and into the news and just made everyone think it was dumb.

“But it was for a good reason because they didn’t want people to understand that it was real, they didn’t want people freaking out, they didn’t want congress freaking out.

“And eventually, what that would’ve done is expose what they were trying to do, which is really a crash course on understanding what this was.”

Do we have an alien ship of some kind?

“I have no comment on that, I’m on camera.”

Have you ever encountered an alien?

“No, but I’ve had some really interesting experiences, yeah.”

Do you believe that there could be an alien in this room right now?

“You know, there might be. I will tell you this: I have met very high-ranking intelligence officials that have had direct encounters. There’s actually some really unnerving aspects to it.

“There’s one program where there’s hundreds of operatives that have had contact and they are trying to figure out what’s that all about.”

You are the co-founder and president of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science and I think people have a vague understanding of what it is you’ve been doing in the past few years. Talk for a moment about the work that you’ve been doing. It has really revealed things that were unknown to the public before, you should be very proud of that.

“I am. I brought up the first classified videos of UFOs ever, they were given to me. To the Stars Academy brought them out, I assembled a team, very-high ranking government officials from the CIA.

“This is a kind of an elite team of individuals that all have experience with this subject, they all came together because I created a vehicle that has three divisions: entertainment, science, and aerospace.

“And the whole goal of this is to create a vehicle for the disclosure of the UFO phenomenon and various other things.”

So your goal is to eventually get this information out there?

“Well, we’ve already been doing it. For the past 24 months, we’ve been heavily involved briefing the senate and multiple committees and congress.

“We’re the ones that set up the mechanism that you’ve been reading about where it says the ‘formal reporting process of UFOs with the Navy.’ Then Navy admitted that UFOs were real, that’s all us.

“So we’ve been bringing the people from various departments in the Pentagon over to congress first time in 70 years. There are a few senators that knew about this, so we set up the situation where they can all get briefed and that’s been happening like a wildfire.

“So what’s happening slowly is that stigma’s going up, we’re starting to realize, ‘Oh my god, this is real’ and it’s not just people in urban areas.”

Would you say that one of the main reasons why the government wanted to keep this a secret and the little pieces are leaking now is because it would terrify people?

“Yeah, it would terrify people. I think it’s the idea that there’s something here that’s potentially millions of years more advanced than us, and it could do things that we could barely even fathom.

“And what that means is that humans may not be alone or in charge.”

And we’re not that important…

“We’re not, but that also is one of my big pitches to the generals I first started meeting with, I was just, like, ‘You guys are all fighting all these wars based on belief systems, but if you really attacked to core issue, we might start coming together as a planet.’

“And that’s kind of what my hope is with all this stuff. The reality is that once we realize that the universe is teeming with life, there’s billions of galaxies for a reason, it’s so weird.

“I remember where I watched this documentary where they put a seatbelt in a Ford car, and I was like ‘that was a good idea,’ it’s kind of like we see billions of galaxies, but yeah, we’re still not really computing that there’s life everywhere, and there is.”

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