Toast to Toast! Talk radio shake up: George Noory will be taken off the air in his HOME CITY of St. Louis!

Late night radio shaking up..
First rumors were wild that Art Bell would return.. those have been squashed by Bell himself, who said he didn’t want to jump into the ‘pit of boiling sewage’ for the wrong reasons..
But now the late night world of radio will be shaken up again like a Japanese earthquake..

According to the St. Louis DISPATCH, George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM will be taken off of the air–in his home city of St. Louis!!! Joe Hollerman reports,

Lauren Ryan, program director at KTRS-AM (“The Big 550”) confirmed that Noory’s late-night show would be off the station in early May. Ryan declined to comment at this time on what show would replace it.
Noory also declined to comment, saying he would address the issue in late April

Amazing news..
Radio sources tell the reporter that the landing spot will be KFTK-FM, a conservative talk station.. but the program director at that station would not comment on the situation either..

Long before Noory took over for Art Bell as the host of Coast, he was the ‘Nighthawk’ on KTRS..

We will follow this situation…
But it may be yet more proof that COAST TO COAST AM is drying up without the voice and direction of Bell at the helm..


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