I received a message on here yesterday that I should delve deep into the JFK Mandela Effect.. I am aware of this one, and have been for a while. I think there may actually be a logical explanation to it.. except for one thing.

First off, here is what the ME would say: There were only four people in the presidential limo that fateful day in Dallas: John Kennedy, Jackie O, Connelly, and a driver..

And now, a new reality unfolds: There are six: JFK and FLOTUS, the Texas GOV.. The GOV’s wife..a driver.. and an agent in the front passenger seat.

And yes, there is that somewhat famous image of LIFE mag showcasing a limo with flowers –apparently one with four seats.

A couple things to keep in mind. First off, the limo was destroyed only hours after the assassination. Something that many decried as foul since, really, the car was the scene of a murder and active investigation. So the LIFE image? The logic on where that really was from escapes me..

But to have a ‘magic bullet’ theory, one needs the Texas governor in the car..that basically allows for the famed Arlen Spector theory of that Seinfeld mocked with a magic lugey theory in the 90s..

I think, to add a bit of logic to this ME, here is my thought: When the actual final shot strikes Kennedy, your eyes deceive you. Connelly and his wife are both ducked down in the seat in front of JFK and JAC.. you only see the president and first lady and then the two agents in the front.. It would make some logical sense to conclude that the brain snaps the image of the final shot, and in that image there are really only four people completely visible. And heck, most people are focused on the head shot that eventually strikes a mortal blow to President Kennedy.

And then….the mystery to me. I can understand the confusion.. and I can also in my own sense dispute the four people in a car theory. But .. the glass partition that separates Kennedy and company from the agents? Well.. that is what I cannot recall vividly being there. As a matter of fact, the notion of the ‘driver did it theory’ only works if there is no glass partition there. I don’t recall that ..

But it is there. All shiny and new.

So there.. as requested, my thoughts on the JFK Mandela Effect. For better or worse. I would be awfully curious as to your memories.. your thoughts… your timeline? Share aware!

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