How do YOU remember the A Team van looking?

How do YOU remember the A Team van looking? 

I recall an all black van with a red stripe going through it.. The toys from the 1980s I found also appear to have an all black design with red stripe.

And then come the other reality: The van in the show was black–and gray–with a red stripe in the middle.

Yes, that is right. 
Your timeline must be the same as mine if you recall all black. But the reality of the day is black and gray.

This is a Mandela Effect long debated online. The newest incarnation of the A Team van a lot of people pitying the fool who believes it was once gray with black combined.

There are some–those who use science and logic–that will say we are just having false memories. Maybe.. Maybe. I cannot truly expect anyone to just buy into the Mandela Effect without first being shocked. 

I was shocked myself to the realization that something seems odd.. First the King Henry VIII turkey leg fiasco–I dare you to find the painting with it in!–and also the A Team van color.

I had an A Team toy when I was young. I remember because I used to have my A Team van fight with my Knight Rider car. One day I remember there was a bees nest in the van. When I picked it up, I was stung several times. That memory is so clear I cannot even explain it.. And clear in my mind: An all black van.

I have net a few people who simply thought the Mandela Effect was false memories.. just nonsense in the information superhighway that meant nothing to this reality. Until they were shocked out of their timeline by something so peculiar and weird that even they began to ponder aloud: Has the timeline shifted beyond recognition.

So that is the debate of the day: Red and black or gray and red and black? Your answer may distinguish the time you came from.

Think long and hard about this one…
Long and hard.

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