Things are getting hairy! Click bait summer for the TODAY SHOW Facebook page

Modern journalism and pubic hair on display in the latest Facebook post from the TODAY SHOW..

While Mark Zuckerberg and others on social media may be highly sensitive to show such posts from independent reporters or just every day people, mainstream media normally gets a free pass..

With summer in full swing, the TODAY SHOW reports on hard hitting news: Does a beach body have to be pubic hair free? Why not display the mane during the summer heated season?

The article goes on to praise the brand Billie for its use of women’s armpit and pubic hair in public ad campaigns–for its razor!!! Anyone see an irony in that?

Some are celebrating the ground breaking RAZOR ad.
Others are saying this like this:

I seriously can’t believe that you posted this! Your standards have turned to mush!

Good Gawd Almighty.

I feel like I should report this post, it’s not ok. I thought Facebook reevaluated their standards.

Really NBC Today you had to post this?

Jesus take the wheel…..what a classy article



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