The WWE has gotten boring.. Vince McMahon decided to shake it up

Competition is building.. The heat is rising..

The AEW is the newfound fledgling wrestling organization that many former WWE fans have evolved into loving.

Vince McMahon isn’t done yet..

Ratings suffer.. stars leaving.. Even John Oliver took his aim on the WWE this season on HBO…

Everyone seems to have turned on Vince McMahon..

Vince McMahon has put Paul Heyman in charge of Monday Night Raw and Eric Bischoff in charge of SmackDown Live!

Don’t count him out yet..

Wrestling evolves with the times.. it’s a reflection of who we are on a pop culture level. Vince may have forgotten that.. but times change. Maybe going back to some roots of who we are and reflecting it in the federation will assist in a comeback for ole Vinne Mac

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