The world is worse than ever? Consider some awful torture devices from antiquity before you render judgement

I had a discussion with someone today .. her point of view: The world is worse than ever. I countered.. and I stand by my point: The world is the same as it ever was. The only difference is now the filters are removed, the truth is out there.. and we know it all.

Case in point, perhaps, that proves me right: The ancient historical torture devices that we really, really came up with.

Human beings did this. Humans with brains.. Humans with emotions. And humans without compassion, obviously, in circumstances when they utilized the inhumane horrific devices.

Worse than ever?
Not even close..

The two that stand out to me:

During the Spanish Inquisition, this device would be used for torture and eventual death. The person would be placed on a triangular log and weights attached to their feet. They would be pulled downward by the weights as the sharp edge of the log slowly sliced them in half. YOU’RE WELCOME FOR THE NIGHTMARES.


The brazen bull was both inhumane and constructed almost entirely for the amusement of an audience. The person being executed was placed inside a hollow bull made out of bronze, which was then heated from beneath. The bull was constructed in such a way that the sounds of the victim were made to sound like bull noises instead of horrifying screams of a human being steamed alive.

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