THE HUNT is off.. but conversations over whether it should have been called off are on..

Various websites and social media stars are conversing: Should Universal have canceled the HUNT..

It was set for theatrical release on September 27 .. the film depicted a politics premise: Liberal elites hunt down deplorable Trump voters — the prey are people who have said certain things on social media, etc..

In a statement on the movie’s website, the studio said that this is not “the right time” for the film to be released, especially considering the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio. Marketing for the film had already been suspended due to the gun violence depicted in it.

There is a chance that this movie will still be seen eventually — sometimes these bans happen but they will show up on demand, or on some other medium..

This is not the first movie that used a premise of hunting people.. as Scott Weinberg from Bloody Disgusting Tweeted:

There were more movies not included with that listing, but are some of the bigger genre classics..

The HUNT will not be included in that quite yet..

All times are weird times. But these times seem to include the desire to ban just a little more than other moments in cinematic and pop culture history.

BUT … did the quest to ban go to far? There is ample evidence that this would have been the ANTI PURGE movie, a film that seems to show the ‘deplorables’ fighting back in honor of their cause.. So that is why a conservative commentator in a conservative magazine NATIONAL REVIEW found it ironic and humorous that a ‘pro Trump movie’ was canceled in part due to Trump himself. (Source:

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