The clown was just clowning around

Horror Movie Studio: Staten Island Clown Was ‘Just A Joke’ – CBS New York »

Staten Island Clown
We figured that this was just a fake tale to get attention for something. I don’t think the makers of the meme had an idea of just how fast the weird clown in Staten Island would spread..
But what boggles my mind is that the message was lost.. They are just advertising their horror studios, LENS PRODUCTION. For sure, you’d think they would have been trying to get a buzz about an actual project. Instead, it’s just a ploy to get attention for their studio.
Not sure if that idea was lost in the process.
I think more people would have assimilated to the clown hoax were it to be advertising a horror flick. But not a production company. Their name will be forgotten. A movie would not be..
BUT.. the clown will not be forgotten, either.
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