The best and not so best of summer 2019

The summer season coming to an end.. the cold autumnal breeze is already flowing through main street better time than now, in these waning days before the autumnal equinox, than lament and praise the summer movies and entertainment..

So without further ado, the to-do:

The best movie of the summer

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On July 2, right before the summer fireworks, SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME was released. It was the follow up to the 2017 movie.. Tom Holland was back as the friendly neighborhood SPIDER-MAN.. The new villain MYSTERIO was perfect.. the film itself was just about perfect as well, with some campy scenes, the awkward teenage love interactions, and the big-budget explosions that only a summer movie can have. The acting was spot-on, and it was probably one of the most fun and enjoyable movies that appeared in theaters this summer..

And the not so best movie of the summer..

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I would never send that AVENGER: ENDGAME was the worst of the summer.. but it surely wasn’t the most enjoyable. This ‘not so best’ label may anger some hardcore and ardent Marvel fans who treated this film like a religious experience, but to us it was a little over the top on the boring scale.. a little too long, and quite frankly a little forgettable. AVENGERS was a day long odyssey into the obsolete.. It just was not the best movie of all time as so many argue..

Some highly honorable mentions

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IT. While the second incarnation of the losers club series may have released close to fall, it’s still summer. This horror film will be a big hit.. but maybe wasn’t as great as the original. We provided a more in-depth review IT already.

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SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK was campy and bizarre, but fun at the same for theater viewing. The way that the tales were woven together were somewhat sloppy.

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The new LION KING was a movie of beauty.. the live action film with music hit a perfect nerve. While some ardent fans of the 90s cartoon version thought it was not too great, we thought it was great.

The best NETFLIX of the summer

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There are two series that we think were the most perfect entertainment on the small and smaller screens this year: STRANGER THINGS 3 was one of those.. the season may not have been as strong as the original and our second encounter with the kids of Hawkins. But this time we had real action, real sequences of major characters *maybe* being lost. Not just Barb.

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Another great series of the summer was MINDHUNTER.. The true-ish crime drama about serial killers dominated some indulging screen time for millions.. The FBI investigative team was back at it again, this time trying to solve the Atlanta child murders .. and all the while having time to interview Charlie Manson, while the BTK Killer was assuming his role as the newest serial killer of the 80s at that time.. The show was just about perfect as well..

And the forgettables of the summer of 2019:


Finally, here is the upcoming autumn entertainment that we desperately await seeing:

Joaquin Phoenix as the JOKER..

ZOMBIELAND DOUBLE TAP looks either hilarious, or they are only showcasing the hilarious scenes during the trailer..

The LIGHTHOUSE is a black and white psychological horror film about lighthouse keepers. Looks pretty intense..

And on Netflix: Between Two Ferns: The Movie .

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