Tales from an email: Black eyed children of a wild imagination?

I received this email tonight. I will reprint it in its form, spelling mistakes included, I am excluding names and towns:

My name is __________ from __________. I’ve eben reading your site for a few years. I think last year sometime I saw you reportd on the black eyed children. I thought it was stupid. Until a few days ago when I was working in my kitchen late at night and the front door had a knock on it. I looked out and saw the tops of a few kids heads. I was a little freaked since no kids live around me, so i carefluly went to the door and saw what appeared to be black eyed children there, 3 young boys. I didn’t open the door, instead I ran into my living roomm and got a cruficix off the wall, by the time I went back the kids were gone. Think it’s real?

The writer asked, “Think it’s real?” I assume he is asking me if I think he really saw those kids.. that, or he is asking if I believe him.

I can’t tell you if I believe him or not. I wasn’t there, neither were you.. and it the event really did occur, who am I to question what he felt was reality.

ON the other hand.. if he’s asking if I believe in the ‘black eyed children’ subject in general? Well.. on that one I will plead the 5th. Namely because if I say what I really think, either way, some black eyed children will show up at my door and methodically knock until I answer. And nobody’s got time for that.

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