Will Smith as Aladdin is freaking everyone out

INCLUDING THE HORROR REPORT. but not for reasons you’d think.. Here is yet another image circulating the world wide web of Will Smith starring in the new film: E ONLINE writes that people are making memes and expressing laughter and expressive revulsion at Smith in costume.. But why is the HORROR REPORTERS freaked to the core?Because … Read moreWill Smith as Aladdin is freaking everyone out

The SINBAD effect

December 19, 2018 BryanThe SINBAD effect This news today: Entertainment Weekly has unveiled a first look at Will Smith in costume as the Genie in Disney’s live-action “Aladdin” movie, and not everyone is thrilled with it. Why would they be!? We live in the Twitterverse of judgement world…. Smith stars in director Guy Ritchie’s update … Read moreThe SINBAD effect