Toronto: Multiple Moviegoers Pass Out During Screening of Cannibal Movie ‘Raw’ :

The Midnight Madness screening of the film RAW at the Toronto film festival got wild as patrons clearly could handle the film..

The French film features a vegetarian college student who morphs into a cannibal..

The movie is graphic and .. Raw..

When something like this occurs it’s either amazing free press or a detriment to the film’s success..

I’d venture to say that filmmakers of RAW are perfectly fine with people passing out .. It will help their legacy and solidify this in the sordid annals of horror shock and gore..

Praise for new horror movie on Netflix:

It’s called THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE.. There has been high praise on a Numbers of websites for he movie, calling it creative and original and frightening..
I’ll give it s try.

The last movie on Netflix I saw with this praise in horror circles was HUSH. While I’d seem that movie more of a suspense thriller, I’d agree it was one of the better movies in the genre I’ve seen..

THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE originally sounded a bit laughable for me.. I’ll check into the natter and report back when information has been contemplated in full..