Exorcist fails to drive out ‘evil spirits,’ forcing Brazilian president to leave ‘haunted’ presidential palace:

According to Premier, the president even asked a priest to perform exorcism rites on the palace to drive out the “evil spirits,” but the unnamed exorcist apparently failed to do so.

Temer and his family have since moved back to their former home, the official residence of the vice-president, where they had been living since 2011.

Temer could have called for the intercession of a fellow Latin American in his attempt to rid the Brazilian presidential palace of “evil spirits.”

I visited Gettysburg yesterday and stayed until nightfall. Actually about midnight to be exact.

The town is amazing for those who never visited. Bullet holes still in buildings.. stories of the dead .. the museum. All of the historical implications of what would have happened if Pickett’s charge went another way, if General Lee didn’t lose, and if the South would have continued on its rebellious journey north, thus conquering Harrisburg and Pennsylvania.

After the darkness crept into the town, a new life abounds.. Physic readers. Outdoor restaurants. Ice cream shops in buildings once housing Northern troops firing rounds from the attics. And ghost tours. Lots of them. So many so that Gettysburg enacted an ordinance that the tour groups must stay 100 feet apart–something that the groups know but don’t overtly acknowledge.

Last night, during a ‘ghost tour,’ things got a bit weird. In my opinion, not for the typical reasons..

Without naming names, the ghost tour went a bit overboard, with the guide saying he was able to hear spirits instantly. So much so that each time he’d ask a spirit a question, his rods or gizmos, gadgets, or old fashioned mechanisms to speak to the dead would sound instantly and he’d be in communication, right off the bat, with the Union or Confederate soldiers walking about in the afterlife. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but it was also shamefully dishonest. There is no ghost hunter, at least none who worth the salt of the earth, that would state he or she could conquest the spirit world that fast.

Case in point: As the tour was ending, around midnight (we went a little longer than expected) the guide got out the spirit box and began speaking German, stating that he thinks a German-born Union troop was following our group. He announced to the group that the spirit box conveyed a message in German to him, that it was time to turn back, and that the tour needed to end. Not a surprise, since it was beyond the paid time.

The part that perhaps struck me more than anything else is how people, without any doubt or skepticism, believed each word, each ‘voice,’ each story, and each spike in the EMF reader. Perhaps after dark is the best time to suspend skepticism.. But for me?  I became more so, especially in the face of the reality before me. The ghost hunter in chief clearly was utilizing each trick in the book to keep the crowd enthused about frolicking in the Gettysburg battlefield talking to orbs–orbs that undoubtedly showed up on cameras due to flash photography. At one point, he mentioned that a past tour had an incident where a man was scratched. Minutes later, a man in my group claimed he was scratched. His wife, examining him in a little bit of fear, confirmed them. Although I did hear her at one point whisper, “that one was already there, but not the other one.”

I have no direct evidence that the man on the tour was making it up. The irony perhaps is that, only minutes before he claimed the paranormal hurt his physical body, I was announcing to the air that I wanted to be scratched. Touched. Yelled out. Pushed.. anything-ed. I was asking for divine intervention, spirit world entities to talk to me, and some form of an afterlife to prove to me that it’s real.. that this whole ‘life’ thing is only a step in an eventual development of the soul.

I got nothing.
No response..
Even with my taunting, the haunting never showed.
But the nice man feet away from me writhed in pain.

While I didn’t have my paranormal experience I desired, I had a vision of how quickly the paranormal hucksters that exist in this world get by, get famous, and get people to believe them. And believe anything–anything including ‘instant gratification’ responses to questions.

At the end of the tour, the guide asked the group: “Is Gettysburg haunted?” I did not answer, as no direct proof abounded.

That not to say it’s not–very believable, rational, and astute people I know have told me of strange frequencies that run through the town. Perhaps my ambition to meet and greet a spirit led them away from me.. Maybe they were turned off by my demands. Or maybe they gave me a warning, scratching the man next to me to show me how much worse I’d get one of they went through with it..

All fair game.

x x x

The Gettysburg excursion was excellent–as it always is when you go. The ghost tour left me a little more doubtful of the paranormal than I was before I went in.

But the rescue came on the drive home when my friend and I turned on the DARK MATTER RADIO NETWORK just in time to hear THE CHASE blast from the Desert in Nevada, with Art Bell’s voice resounding through the night. The show had no topic, but instead ran with open lines–and one of the best Bell shows developed since he came back to the air in July. He had a special line for people who made deals with the devil. And he was inundated with calls. People who sounded unbelievable, believable, and even creepy.

Gettysburg’s paranormal tour left me feeling a bit down about the netherworld. Art Bell rescued the night with deals with the devil, tales from the crypt thanks to live radio in the middle of the night.

x x x
And that reminded me, it’s the end of August..
The beginning of September is arriving.
October around the corner.

This is the best time of year, with the next three months of time being, in my opinion, the most amazing, strange, and paranormal-feeling of the year.

Maybe another trip to Gettysburg is in order–with some investigation on my own without guides to misguide. But I’ll make sure it’s on another Friday–that way I can get the paranormal fix on the way home courtesy of MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.

The video you see here  is an ad for a haunted house. This one was from 2013. But you’ll get the point.

It is called McKamey Manor. It’s in San Diego. And the waiting list to get into the attraction is 24,000 strong. No doubt growing not that it has found itself getting worldwide attention.

The reason so many are suddenly finding out about this is because of the extreme nature of the attraction.. 

Among the many enjoyable things that will take place when you go to this little gem:

  • Force feeding. Expect it..
  • Your head will be put into a cage with rotten eggs.
  • …and snaked
  • You will have your hands bound..
  • You will be placed in small boxes
  • You will be screamed at..
  • Expect to be drenched in blood, presumably not real

Things may get bad. That’s why you have to sign a waiver prior to admittance.

The trend of the extreme is all around us—from movies and the macabre to events of the real. Beheadings grace our evening news and now, as this testament provides evidence of, you can now ‘live your own horror movie’.. 

While some decry this place of rest and recreation and torture and rotted mayhem of the mind, others will defend it to their deaths.. 

You will undoubtedly judge for yourself..
The evidence of the video will speak volumes..

For me, someone who is a follower but not a fan of the paranormal, I can only state that I’d steer clear of this type of entertainment..

But not for the reasons you’d assume.

Would I be scared? Well, take a peak at the video. Of course I would be, and you would be, too.. 

Now, the real reason I would avoid this quagmire of a not so good time is because, while I often write about the paranormal and strange, I also write about current events.. current horrors. Real horrors.. My mind is already filled with the overwhelming gore and hatred that pervades daily news.
There are times I would just like to banish reality from my view..

A haunted house where reality and guts with gore are shoved, quite literally in this case, down peoples’ throats does not come off as entertaining to me..

Now, does the video make things look worse than they are in reality? I suppose you can say that. And I’d bet my next week’s salary on the chance that people who want the to go to the most extreme haunted locations will absolutely devour this like a flesh eating zombie.. but I wrote about those people before, too.

But there is one last valid point to make.. Should you be believer in the paranormal, the other world, and the more devious presences that some say exist, perhaps a place like this is the final place you should step foot in.. The evil that may be conjured by the actions there are intense.. Perhaps it will be enough to let the real scary show up in your life..

Jim Thorpe’s Old Jail Ghost Tours stalk spirits: The Harrisburg PATRIOT NEWS REVIEWS »

The Old Jail museum in Jim Thorpe has an amazing piece of coal region history.. Molly Maguires were hung here.. and some say the hand print of one of the doomed Mollys never vanished from the wall, as a reminder that something very unjsut happened there..

I do recommend Jim Thorpe PA to anyone who would want to travel to this part of Pennsylvania. And during this time of year, the Old Jail Museum is a must go..

Last year, I actually wrote a review about the museum here.. quite frankly, I faced some consternation from the Old Jail for what I wrote, namely a section where I said “The real paranormal story is the hand print—and a couple other little tales, probably tall, of whispers and pats on the back.. ”  There was offense taken from that section.. but I refuse to take it out. The hand print may not be faked, but there are no doubt other embellished stories that provide atmosphere during the Halloween season.

Regardless of that or the controversy about what I wrote in 2013, I still say it’s a great place to visit and a profound place for anyone who has knowledge of why the Molly Maguires mattered in American history..

old jail - handprint.jpg