Plumbers of Walmart: Sometimes the conspiracy is as simple as that

There have been a number of theories concerning the reasons behind WALMART suddenly closing 5 stores for ‘plumbing issues.’  Among the many things being considered by the speculators who theorize in such conspiracy: Jade Helm related. FEMA camps Underground tunnels to protect us from a nuclear/bio attack The elite prepping their bunkers for the yet … Read morePlumbers of Walmart: Sometimes the conspiracy is as simple as that

The Plumbing of Walmart story in perspective

Walmart suddenly closed stores in a number of states last week.. All for what the corporation called plumbing problems. Every news account however details that no plumbing permits are being sought..workers in Walmart were suddenly without work. Conspiracy theorists went hog wild. JADE HELM!! FEMA CAMPS!! ASTEROID STRIKE!!! If you want to hear an alternate, … Read moreThe Plumbing of Walmart story in perspective


Six Walmarts closing all at the same time in different cities. For six months. And ‘plumbing issues’ were blamed.. Employees given no warnings.. shelves were completely stocked. Just five hours notice was given at a California location.. And as you can imagine, countless conspiracy theories are abounding all across the Internet.. This video summarizes things … Read moreTHE 'PLUMBING OF WALMART' CONSPIRACY THEORIES

Dreams and unnamed sources: The 'EX' files on Lubitz

Germanwings co-pilot had dreams about plane crashing, report says » The co-pilot Andreas Lubitz who steered an airline with 150 people on board into a French mountainside had been dumped by his girlfriend the day prior to the crash and was undergoing treatment for depression from a doctor, according to reports Saturday. But we are … Read moreDreams and unnamed sources: The 'EX' files on Lubitz


Lots of trolls have been online lately.. when you hear the term, you’re accustomed to thinking of teenage twits in the wasteland of their parents’ dark basement.. 4CHANers posing as people and knocking around the innocent with online bullying and fake news.. But these trolls are scientists. And they are trolling conspiracy websites and forums … Read moreWHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE CONSPIRACY IS ON THE OTHER SERVER?

Predictive programming, or reaching high into the sky?

Here is some cool conspiracy for your Sunday.. The theory behind this video: Predictive programming in BACK TO THE FUTURE. The YOUTUBE video is well done, it gives us in depth coverage of Marty’s “Twin Pines” mall warnings about terrorists, and constant 9/11’s appearing in the movie.. of course numbers had to be inverted for … Read morePredictive programming, or reaching high into the sky?


Nasa spots unexplained methane hotspot over the Southwest » The ‘hot spot’  produces the largest concentration of the greenhouse gas methane seen over the United States. People are actively searching every available map to figure out why such an output would occur.. Lest we forget: The allegations of an underground base near DULCE. Maybe this … Read moreTHE SOUTHWEST HOTSPOT

You're not crazy: The buzz above

While it’s not the first time black helicopters have swirled above American cities in training exercises, it’s getting renewed attention after Minnesota oddities surprised unknowingly citizens below.. CBS WCCO4 REPORTED IT THIS WAY: The money quote: The Department of Defense is in charge of the operation while Minneapolis and St. Paul police are playing a … Read moreYou're not crazy: The buzz above