The fun rumors of the day… Bieber fever has gone to a new level.. apparently hundreds–that’s right hundreds–of fans say Justin turn into a reptile .. 

Buzzfeed is reporting everything you need to know about the Justin Bieber reptilian conspiracy theory here.. from the article: 

Much of the conspiracy hinges on an article ALLEGEDLY published (and then quickly taken down) on Perth Now, with a headline reading “Hundreds Of Fans Claim They Saw Justin Bieber Turn Into Giant Reptile”.

The alleged story went on to claim police had been called by distressed fans who saw “gross, coloured scales” all over Bieber’s body.

This site seemed to kick off the conspiracies, with the added bonus of more quotes about Lizard Bieber from the very reliable source of “local skater.”

“He was hanging around with this big guy, his bodyguard I guess, and we were just staring because he kept turning into a huge reptile,” said a local skater. “His bodyguard was pointing at us, shouting that he’d kick our teeth in if we didn’t put our phones away.”

So the conspiracy continues. And with each new post, Tweet, or Tumbl, it grows more.. 

Justin Bieber….. the reptilian shapeshifter.

Not the first time this rumor has been around though.

Back during his court appearance in 2014, his eyes created a stir when they appeared to change quite a bit, either because of a glitch. Or because his inner-reptilian was coming out.


Outside a strange silver object like nothing they’d ever seen before, hovered over a field, just beyond their playground.

Headmaster Ralph Llewellyn dismissed the distraught pupils’ claims, without going outside to look. It was a decision he would regret forever.

For to this day, even as adults, they maintain there was only one description of what they’d seen – an Unidentified Flying Object .

Schoolboy David Davies, in the playground on that February Friday afternoon, stood looking at something that would leave him with a lifetime’s fascination and a drive to get to the truth of what that strange object was.

“It was pearlescent silvery-grey,” he says, “approximately 40ft long, torpedo, cigar-shaped, with an upper domed section that covered the central third of the vehicle and which was topped with a red pulsating light.”

Upset their claims were being ignored, David and his classmates handed in a petition to the police station.

In the end, the headmaster separated the children and asked them to draw what they had seen under exam conditions. He was amazed to find their drawings were almost identical to each other.

It is one of the more famous UFO stories in our short history of such things. And very controversial. A large amount of people buy their story.. a large amount don’t–attention grabbing kids, they say! People even said the teaching incited the madness and told them what to draw..

There was another famous mass UFO sighting among school children – this in 1994.. It was the town of Ruwa, Zimbabwe, on September 16th 1994. The children claim to have seen multiple hovering objects that resembled what we would describe as spaceships. In that case, ALL of the 62 kids said they saw a UFO –all – and all describe virtually the same exact thing.  The warning from the entities was about environmental calamity.. This story has been well documented, is very serious, and was studied by various researchers. One of them is Harvard University psychologist Dr. John Mack. He himself interviewed these children personally, as well as many others. The story spread around the world quite fast and his interviews with the children were conducted shortly after the incident.

For any New England patriot fan last night, the ending of the Super Bowl was historic an epic. Throughout the entire game Tom Brady looked like an imp, not completing passes or simply clumsily moving the ball continuously without results or fruition. The Atlanta Falcons blew into the stadium and blew away the New England Patriots almost immediately. The game was 28 to virtually nothing and many viewers, even reportedly the president Donald Trump, tuned out.. 

Commercials were lame.. and Lady Gaga dropped from the ceiling.. 

From there, the turnaround took place. Out of nowhere Tom Brady somehow grew back into a football player and completed passes, tied the game, and in a historic overtime event, won the Super Bowl giving the Patriots yet another ring.

A few years ago I heard several interviews from an author who wrote a book about the fix being in throughout professional sports.. His argument was that most games we see have pre-predicted outcomes, they have winners already chosen behind the scenes, and marketing geniuses have done their best to make the sports look like they’re all just outcomes of good practice and skill.

Ever since I was young one of my favorite things to watch with professional wrestling. Throughout the last few years sadly my love of the sports entertainment from Vince McMahon has faded a bit with the passage of time and 20th century legends .. 

However, after looking at last nights game and reading commentary, it seems to me that Vince McMahon may learn quite a bit from the Super Bowl, how referees could make or break your game, and how to make one team look like their castrated and suddenly have the prowess of a horse. 

I will watch sports, just as I do politics, and observe and deconstruct in my mind. Sports and politics are really no different from Vince McMahon’s WWE, sometimes the outcomes may look spontaneous but the ‘smoke-filled rooms’ behind the scenes just as well could have logically chosen them beforehand.. politics and sports are the ultimate diversions from reality. 

I do not degrade anyone who is a sports fan, nor do I want to take away their love of whatever chosen game they have. But a careful look at your team and your sport of choice could draw sad results if you think what you’re watching is anything but sports entertainment. Soccer had recent scandals, baseball did too. We haven’t heard much yet about basketball and football but undoubtedly the same demons of cash exist behind the scenes as well. It’s naïve to think that the sport you love hasn’t been influenced by money and greed.

But does money and greed equal a fixed game? With time all truth comes out. In the meantime, carefully analyze last night’s Super Bowl and realize that the come from behind victory was a storybook ending to a season. 

Miracles happen.. but the chances of a storybook ending like that happening are much less statistically in the idea of a game being fixed by money men and referees behind the scenes.

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin has been released from a hospital in New Zealand and is on a flight back to the United States, according to a tweet from his manager, Christina Korp.

Aldrin, 86, was hospitalized in Christchurch on December 2 after being evacuated from the South Pole when his medical condition deteriorated. He was part of a tourist group visiting Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station through luxury tourism company White Desert. The trip was expected to last through December 12..

This piece of information is great to hear..
But .. along with it comes conspiracy.

In case you didn’t hear, the news goes as this: Supposedly a Buzz Aldrin tweet about Antarctica was deleted shortly after being posted.. The REDDIT world noticed it. The original conspiracy began on BEFORE IT’S NEWS..

Read the comments section on the article for some fun.. truly appears that conspiracy mania is alive and well when it comes to Antarctica, the idea of secret bases and leaders going down for a ride… to … view the end times coming? 


It’s been a bad week for astronauts. Godspeed Buzz. Don’t punch anyone in the face on the way to recovery.

Spirit cooking and sex cults..

The net has gone wild. Friday before an election and the Wikileaks email are hitting hard..

Follow Twitter throughout the day for more Tweets and trends on #SpiritCooking

But that’s not it.. Also this: The net is engulfed in wild speculation about Podesta being connected to sex cults..

A large part of things began on REDDIT when a user believed to catch a crime ..On Wednesday, a Reddit post titled “I believe I have connected a convicted child abductor who was caught stealing children in Haiti with the Clintons,” contained a list of email links regarding Laura Silsby, former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge. Then began Epstein conspiracy theory.. Another Twitter user and more believed hidden code was being found within the emails.. 

This will be a wild day. And a  wild weekend..

I missed this story a few days ago, but it’s important. The United States government is being sued by a woman for the return of ‘lost’ footage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy..

Reporting from the UK GAURDIAN:

A woman whose grandfather shot a home video of the assassination of presidentJohn F Kennedy that has since been misplaced is suing the US government, demanding the film be returned or that she be paid $10m in compensation.

Gayle Nix Jackson filed the lawsuit in federal court on Saturday, one day before the 52nd anniversary of Kennedy’s death. The film was shot by her grandfather Orville Nix and shows the assassination in Dealey plaza in Dallas on 22 November 1963.

Jackson’s lawsuit claims the film is as important as the assassination footage captured by Abraham Zapruder with his movie camera. The federal government settled with Zapruder’s heirs in 1999 to purchase the film for $16m.

The claim states: “According to the Warren Commission, the Nix film is nearly as important as the Zapruder film, yet the public is mainly unaware of its significance.”

The Warren Commission conducted the government’s investigation of the shooting.

The footage was sold by Nix with an understanding that it would be returned 25 years later. It never was..  it was sold to UPI. UPI turned it over to the government. The public is unaware of this video, focusing more on the famed Zapruder film..

This video of Orville Nix is interesting.. take a look-see.. and go with the flow. And question more than you do.


Welcome to your July 4, 2015.. fear, dreadful fear, has enveloped the entire nation. From sea to horrible sea, we are living in a state of anxiety.. abundant horror..

That previous paragraph was written in complete sarcasm.

So turn off the news for the 4th and live some life and get back your heart and soul. 

There is only fear if you’re fearful.. 

This is how REUTERS surmised the spirit of America this Independence Day:

Millions of Americans readied on Saturday for Independence Day parades and firework shows amid worries over possible security threats, a spike in shark attacks on East Coast beaches and the danger of wildfires in the West.

Wow that’s scary.


Hundreds of thousands of people were expected to flood the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for a parade, concerts, and a fireworks display that uses 6,500 shells. The National Park Service is installing 3.4 miles (5.47 km) of chain link fencing, 14,000 feet (4,270 meters) of bike racks and almost 350 portable toilets to cope with the crowds.

Something tells me that is NOT going to be enough portable toilets. 
So there you go.. something else to be fearful about.