Trump erupts as Cruz sweeps Colorado without votes:

Now it’s official.. Elections CAN BE canceled.. No more conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact..

Colorado just did a wink and nod to Ted Cruz. The former anti establishment candidate picked up all the delegates .. But due to a ‘rule change,’ the party decided that there would be no election or caucus and awarded all of the delegates to Cruz over Trump. Trump erupted in anger. As you’d expect, on Twitter.

Oh, this weekend, Bernie Sanders handedly won another state but regardless a whole bunch of the Democratic delegates went to Hillary anyway..

It would appear now, in the strangest election of modern history, that the Empire on both sides is Striking back. But will the Jedis return? Or are they going to be grounded by the Emperors of Donkey and Elephant attire?

The Hidden Power In Trusting Your Gut Instincts:

Why is trusting your gut so powerful? Because your gut has been cataloging a whole lot of information for as long as you’ve been alive. “Trusting your gut is trusting the collection of all your subconscious experiences,” says Melody Wilding, a licensed therapist and professor of human behavior at Hunter College.

Ask most successful people who actually took a chance .. and made it..? It was their gut. And yes some luck–but luck comes when the universe comes together for you.

Now as for me? Time to start learning how to trust my gut more than second and third and fourth guessing all of my hunches..

Ribose, a basic ingredient for life, can arise in comets, say scientists:


I actually think there is quite the chance life did get seeded from distant comets striking it.. And now these new studies confirm some old thoughts.. 

An experiment mimicking our early solar system reveals that the complex sugar ribose, the ‘R’ in ‘RNA,’ can form in the icy grains of comets.

Forget smart glasses: Samsung patents contact lenses with built-in camera :

Samsung has been granted a patent for contact lenses that project images directly into the eye.

The patent, awarded in South Korea, includes a contact lens equipped with a display, a camera, an antenna, and several sensors that detect movement.

The contact lens will use the antenna to link up to a smartphone..

Or whatever comes after the smartphone, like the implant directly into your hand..

The future. It’s here. No stopping it now.

California Blackouts Up to 14 Days Long Possible This Summer Because of Aliso Canyon Methane Leak, Officials Say :

Here’s he story

A massive methane leak in Southern California was expected to have lasting impacts, but a new announcement by energy officials suggests prolonged blackouts – as long as 14 days – could also be coming as temperatures soar this summer.

State agencies studied the effects of the Aliso Canyon gas storage field’s partial shutdown after a natural gas blowout last year that crippled a major energy supply for the region. These officials proposed a plan to prevent power outages but concluded they “will reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of gas shortages this summer that are large enough to cause electricity interruptions for the region’s residents and businesses.“

Holes in the Sun Are Threatening to Throw Birds, GPS Off Course!:

It’s from coronal hole 67.. And the U.S. and U.K. predict the stream from the sun could confuse migrating birds and other animals, cause minor problems with satellites and make an aurora visible as far south as Maine and Michigan.

The storms could rise to G2 level on a five-step scale, which would mean the Northern Lights might be seen in New York and some electrical transformers could be damaged.

The return of exorcism :

It’s en vogue … Demons abound…

But is it really really rising?

Michael Cuneo, sociologist and author of newly published “American Exorcism,” asserts “Exorcism is more readily available today in the United States than perhaps ever before.”

He goes on to say: “By conservative estimates, there are at least five or six hundred evangelical exorcism ministries in operation (in the US) today, and quite possibly two or three times this many.”

Mental illness …. Or the devil. Pick your poison.

Strange baby faces popping up around Denver :

Fox 31 in DENVER reporting this:

– Call it guerrilla art with a baby face.

For months, small baby doll faces have been creeping up across Denver and creeping out many people who see them.

From South Broadway to Cherry Creek and many places in between, the hard, 3-D faces have been posted on curbs, medians and buildings. Many of them have been photographed, yet many often go overlooked.

“I’ve seen one over at Capitol Hill and another at Speer and Downing at the bridge,” Elaine Wahlquist said. “I’ve commented to my husband, ‘Look at those.’ But he never seems to notice them.”

Most of the faces are pink and less than 6 inches long, but there are other sizes and colors. Some have also been torn down or broken in recent months.

Several pink faces were plastered below a sign for Strictly Nails Salon at Downing Street and Alameda Avenue, but owner Pam Schwasinger had overlooked them until they were pointed out.

“I don’t know. I think they’re … they’re a little disturbing,” Schwasinger said.

Bizarre indeed..

The HORROR REPORT will keep this oddity on the radar..