Stress, heart disease, and high blood pressure

You may get all of that from your job, but if you have a long commute to work, you’re only making matters work..

According to research, people who commute over 30  miles to their jobs die younger than those who don’t.. The stress of the long drive has long-term implications for the human body..

As someone who has done this type of long term commuting, I can attest to the fact that the study has merit. I feel much worse the more I drive.. my body feels more unhealthy .. when I don’t drive nearly as much for a job, it’s better.

Why, in this age of telecommuting, aren’t we pursuing that more? IS there really any need for an office filled with catty chatties to be backstabbing and not getting work done, while those who work from home are 100% more positive about the job they do and much more on top of their workload??

…instead, we’ll just continue to die a slow death. Death by commuting. How awful.

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