There is seemingly something bizarre about this 243rd birthday of the United States.. Minus out the military ‘Trump Parade” that was thrown in Washington D.C. today, more ‘stranger things’ seemingly have been assimilated in daily headlines..

THE THIRD SEASON OF STRANGER THINGS appeared on Netflix on the Fourth of July — I would assume that fireworks displays and block parties were a few less this year with people opting for binge viewing parties across the United States.

As the East Coast suffered under sultry summer air, the West Coast woke up to this: A 6.6 quake, which was downgraded to 6.4, centered about 11 miles east northeast of Ridgecrest, about 109 miles north of San Bernardino and 121 miles northeast of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey…

No major damage. No injuries to report..

But one oddity that so many seemingly cannot contemplate:

Some around the affected area could not feel the quake.  One seismograph as far away as Lancaster Pennsylvania did FEEL IT!  Brian Lada, a meteorologist and journalist for Accuweather in Pennsylvania tweeted out an image of a seismograph in Lancaster that picked up the earthquake over 2,000 miles away from the quake’s epicenter.


There were some other rumblings in the force this week..

The internet has been sketchy.. Down.. outages.. Facebook images didn’t load for a day, Instagram stopped being instant, and people were beginning to ponder if there was an attack if some sort that we didn’t know about.

Mix that with this news from a few days before the birthday of American independence:

Massive social media glitches..
A south American eclipse.. 
Mike Pence being summonsed back to the White House..
Putin calling emergency Kremlin summit..

And this news today from a report in Futurism.. A RUSSIAN SUB CAUGHT FIRE THIS WEEK.. 14 sailors on board were killed.. And there are sources claiming that the  sub was an AS-12 “Losharik,” a nuclear-powered submarine some speculate was designed to cut the undersea cables that deliver internet to the world…

For those who have seen the third season of STRANGER THINGS, this news could not be more chilling at this time.. The Russians–in the STRANGER THINGS world, the Soviets–are alive and well in their distaste for America and their emphasis on bringing it destruction.. the NETFLIX show portrays the upside down becoming alive and disastrous.. this modern world seems to have perilously gone upside down as well..

STRANGER THINGS 3 featured a few amazing pieces of real life history, including MK Ultra and the very popular 1970s through 1990s NUMBERS STATIONS..

This may be hugely embarrassing for this website if I am wrong, but I will go out on a limb and suggest that Mike Pence’s trip back to DC this week, along with the Putin meeting, along with the fire on the sub, were all connected. Whether it is has something to do with rumors that the internet cable may have been cut or not, it sure is interesting to see that Trump had a military parade around the same time frame..

STRANGER THINGS exist.. not only on Netflix. But in real life. They exist there too.. monsters, numbers stations, spying, and true dangers in a place that seemingly is upside down.

Yes indeed.. this Fourth of July, STRANGER THINGS 3 hit at the perfect time..

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