Slender is the sign

Yet ANOTHER story that has a Slenderman tie in is making news today.. we reported hours ago that a girl in Ohio who was fascinated by ‘Slenderman’ tried to stab her mother.. this after a Wisconsin stabbing a week ago by two 12-year-olds who wanted to visit Slenderman at his forest mansion.. And now this: A shooting occurred Sunday in Las Vegas.. Two right wing extremists yelled “this is a revolution” before they killed two police officers.  Then they ran into a Walmart and a killed a shopper before the wife killed her husband and then herself.. 

Jerad Amanda Miller Joker cosplay
The couple reportedly named: Jerad and Amanda Miller (no official confirmation on the names yet). A neighbor told media that they dressed as the JOKER and Harley Quinn… and the Jerald reportedly dressed as Slenderman…..

This is getting bizarre.. for a few reasons.
First off, this is not the first time the JOKER has been a meme involved in a crime.. nor, obviously, is it the first time that Slenderman has been, either.. 
Consider this: Clyde Lewis’ GROUND ZERO radio program had a show on May 1 2014 about Slenderman..  Lewis argued that Slenderman was a modern tulpa and warned that more and more information about Slenderman would make the mainstream.  Lewis may have been on to something.. 
Things are getting strange..

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