Saturday night's not so main event

Ever since John B. Wells left his permanent slot as the Saturday host of Coast to Coast AM, Premiere Radio has given listeners a strange brew of random hosts. George Knapp and Dave Schrader have answered the call, but other amateurs have gone overboard as the tryouts continue to replace the highly rated Wells.

This weekend saw one such host, David Ruben, a self-proclaimed ‘dream expert’ and educator. He interviewed John Lear–a famed name from Coast to Coast annals and UFOlogy.

And then the train wreck commenced.

Ruben allowed Lear to take over the program. Lear randomly cited strange conspiracies, briefly talked about how 9/11 was a hoax and men are living on the moon. Lear claimed there were 40 planets in our solar system–a busy place–and even said Siegfried of Siegfried and Roy died, leading to the mauling of the ‘stand in’ playing Siegfried. Ruben was unable to reign in Lear as he rambled on throughout three hours of programming.

During the third hour, however, Ruben suffered what appeared to be an on-air breakdown.  Lear was describing his tale of seeing a UFO when Ruben said he had a flashback to his pre-teen childhood when he lived in Hawaii. Ruben said he saw a beam of light escaping the water. Lear told him that if he saw a UFO he was ‘on it,’ alleging that people who see UFOs only see them after they are abducted and experimented on.

The prospect forced Ruben into a strange diatribe.. He began breathing heavily as the panic ran through his body. Lear went on to hint that awful things may have been done to him, leaving Ruben completely in a new place. A strange place..

While Lear went back to his script, Ruben finally intervened–only to further insist he was in a panic and his perspective on life had just changed.

The fine users at the popular message board BELL GAB have done their due diligence by documenting the bizarre radio scene from Saturday night ..

And this is what Premiere Radio networks is putting out over 500+ stations? This is the show built from the ground up by Art Bell? And THIS is the type of person auditioning to replace a albeit politically controversial but highly rated John B. Wells?

I assume David Ruben may not be a host in the near future. He may, however, be abducted by aliens in the beams of light escaping the Hawaiian ocean.

As for Lear? ? He’ll be a guest again. Maybe again on the next April fools show.

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