VOICE silenced

A shock story was sent across news wires last night..

VOICE star shot to death at her own concert, blazed headlines..

More information came to light moments afterwards..

Singer Christina Grimmie, who starred in NBC’s “The Voice,” died early Saturday after a gunman shot her following a performance in Florida, authorities said. According to what s known so far: A man armed with two guns walked up to the 22-year-old singer as she was signing autographs late Friday night and opened fire, Orlando Police spokeswoman Wanda Ford said. The gunman fatally shot himself after Grimmie’s brother tackled him, according to authorities.

<a href="http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/11/entertainment/orlando-christina-grimmie-shot/index.html">Christina Grimmie</a>, who finished third on season 6 of NBC's "The Voice," died June 11 after being shot following a concert in Orlando.

Grimmie was not alone on stage during the show that proceeded her death. The singer had performed at The Plaza Live theater Friday night, along with the band Before You Exit..

BEFORE YOU EXIT.. A strange and bizarre name given the circumstances of what happened after the show.

The singer had a large social media following–and those fans are saddened by the news of the singer’s untimely demise. Even for those who are not fans, it’s shocking to hear.. It’s actually quite revolting.



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